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Authentic Napolitana Pizza in Jacksonville, Florida

October 29, 2015

What made us so interested in going to V Pizza is the fact that they ship their ingredients were shipped from Italy. Their main goal is to let Jacksonville experience the most authentic Napoletana Pizza — pizzas that aren’t perfectly round, a little burnt crust, buffalo cheese, dry aged Italian meat, San Marzano tomatoes, but more importantly 00 flour. The kind of flour that doesn’t use sugar.
To make your whole dining experience as authentic as it can get, they ordered those big ovens from a Stefano Ferrera whose family has been making ovens in Naples, Italy for generations. Combine those ingredients and a 950 degree oven that will finish cooking your pizza in just 90 seconds, the result will be a rich, flavorful pizza minus the bloating feeling that you usually get.
I love meatballs, it’s one of my most favorite food on Earth! I will eat it on pasta, sub, or even just served simply as themselves as long as it’s fresh. Being born in Brooklyn and raised in Miami, where you get only the best food, I could say that their meatballs are one of the best I’ve had, if not the best. It’s 100% natural beef without extenders or fillers. It looks small, but you’re sure that they haven’t used artificial preservatives and GMOs.
And lastly, we love that they have a separate dining area if you’re just passing by and want a slice or two, and the other side is a full bar and tables in case you wanted to spend your afterwork drinks here with your friends.
We tried their branch along San Jose Blvd on May 11, 2016 and got a lunch special, this is just $10.95 and it's good for 2 - 3 people already. This location is by the water, best for welcome lunch or small celebration with colleagues. If you're looking for a place to treat your colleagues but on a budget, this is the right place for you.