Ultimate Guide for Traveling in Style
"Live each day like it's your last roll of the dice."


August 2016

The small island you see on Johnny's right hand side is Lady Liberty.
This was also taken at the top of One World Trade Center
This is how it looks like from the outside.
And this is the memorial they created in the place of the other tower.
Another view of the fountain where you'll see the names of all the victims.
Below is our view while walking along 5th Avenue going through Central Park to The Metropolitan Museum.
The view in front of Rockefeller Center.
The Bethesda Fountain in the middle of Central Park. It was more than 90 degrees when we were walking.
The Met.
As usual thank you Marriott Marquis Hotel for taking care of us. Here's some of the amazing view from our room on the 38th floor.
The view from our room on the 38th floor.
The conceirge on the 30th floor offers buffet breakfast and appetizers during happy hour.
Cardio has never been this entertaining. Thanks to the view they provided.
And these elevators that looks like time capsules will never lose it's charm. (Though it's hard to figure out the up and down button at first.)