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December 2012

Hong Kong is known for it's Disney Land, Universal Studios, Ocean Park, Lantau Island -- the island of big Buddha statue, and lots of places to shop whether it's a  night market, thrift store, or boutique shops of Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga, they all have it here, although in my opinion every thing is still cheaper in the US.

Most Asians come here for their theme parks since there's no visa needed for visits less than 14 days. For US passport holders, no visa is needed for visits not longer than 3 months. For Philippine passport holder, no need to apply for a visa as long as your visit will not be longer than 14 days. If it is, you can check the visa requirements here .
This was taken at the mid-level's in Central District, where you will see the world's longest escalator. We like that the place is not just another overrated tourist spot.

There are actually a lot of restaurants along the escalator where you can have draft beer, authentic italian cuisine, and fish & chips.

Grabbing a cab is not that hard also, we haven't tried uber/grab since it wasn't so popular back in 2012.

The Peak or Victoria Peak is perfect if you want to get a view of Hong Kong's skyline. They have restaurants that serves American classics like Bubba Gump where you can eat when you get tired after sight-seeing.

JW Marriot's Lobby with Cafe and Full Bar at the back. We loved their buffet breakfast, not the same as NYC's lox but very close. JW have an amazing VIP lounge too, full bar with very fancy flasks for wine, they have really delicious desserts and pasta. You do not need to go out for dinner, TBH.
JW Marriott is connected to One Pacific Place, a mall that connects Conrad and Shangri La Hotels to each other.
It could easily pass as Time Square at night.